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Your Treatment is Complete - Now What?

Your Treatment is Complete - Now What?

You've been wearing your Invisalign® aligners as prescribed and now you're approaching the end of your treatment. So, what should you expect once your Invisalign treatment is complete? 

Your Treatment

Invisalign clear aligners can be used to correct a variety of orthodontic issues from the most simple tooth misalignments to more complex bite issues. If you chose Invisalign to treat your smile issues, then throughout your treatment your dentist monitored your progress and tracked the changes of your smile each step of the way.

Aligner by aligner, you gradually moved though each of the phases outlined in your personalized treatment plan until finally, your smile transformation is complete!

Show The World That Straighter New Smile

Your final day of orthodontic treatment is bound to be exciting. You followed your treatment plan and now you have a straighter, healthier smile you can be proud of. Congratulations! So, is that it? Not quite.

Now that your teeth have been gently moved to where you want them, it's going to take a little time for them to settle in to their new corrected positions. That's where retainers come in. It's going to be important to wear a retainer to hold your teeth in place as the tissues around each tooth settle.

If your treatment is done your dentist will most likely recommend that you wear a retainer full-time for at least the first six months. If everything is beginning to firm up, then the next step is to move to part-time retainer wear for the next 6 months. One full year of retainer wear is typically long enough for your jaw to firm up and hold your teeth in their new corrected positions, but every smile is unique so be sure to follow the instructions provided by your dentist. 

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