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Will Invisalign cause a lisp or trouble speaking clearly?

Will Invisalign cause a lisp or trouble speaking clearly?

The technology your Langley Straight Smile dentist uses to plan, and design your Invisalign aligners helps to give them a snug, low profile fit that's unlikely to cause a speech impediment, but if you do notice a slight lisp here is how you may be able to correct the issue. 

Orthodontic Treatments & Talking

A slight lisp or speech impediment could be caused by orthodontic treatment or dental appliance that comes in contact with your tongue. That said, many patients report that thanks to Invisalign's thin, sleek design and snug fit, Invisalign hasn't caused them any speech difficulties. 

Those patients who do experience a slight lisp caused by their aligners typically find that it clears up quickly, as they become more accustomed to wearing them.

If you notice a slight lisp or speech impediment when you first begin Invisalign treatment rest assured that it's likely only obvious to you, is typically temporary, and can easily be corrected if it persists.

The Adjustment Period

At the start of your Invisalign treatment your mouth and tongue will need to adjust to making sounds and forming words with your aligners in place. This period of adjustment should be temporary, and not last very long.

It will likely take just a few days for your mouth to adjust to wearing your aligners. Once your mouth has had some time to adjust, any speech impediments you've experienced due to your aligners, should clear up quickly.

Aligners Fitted Incorrectly

Speech impediments and lisps can happen as a result of aligners that are not fitted correctly. If you have given yourself a few days to adjust to your new aligners, but your speech isn't back to normal, contact your dentist to ensure your aligners are fitted properly. Your Langley Straight Smile dentist wants your Invisalign treatment to be as comfortable, convenient, and problem-free as possible.

Correcting a Persistent Lisp

If you're still experiencing a slight lisp after your adjustment period, and having your aligners double checked for fit, the next step is to simply begin practicing. Read books out loud to children, or chat with your pets, friends and family members, to help you get more accustomed to the feel of speaking with your aligners in place. There are likely to be specific words that you find difficult to pronounce. Make sure you practice saying those words out-loud while wearing your aligners. The more you practice the easier it should get and your lisp should quickly disappear. 

If you'd like to learn more about what you can expect from your Invisalign treatment, contact a Straight Smile Centres member practice in Langley today.

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