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Do Invisalign clear aligners work as well as traditional braces?

Do Invisalign clear aligners work as well as traditional braces?

Invisalign® and traditional braces are both effective orthodontic treatment options, but how can you tell which option is right for you? Our Langley dentists share some ways for you to determine which treatment is right for you.

Every Smile is Different

Every smile is unique and every patient's needs are different. When it comes down to comparing the pros and cons of Invisalign vs traditional metal braces your first step will be deciding what features will help to make your orthodontic treatment effective and convenient for you.

Traditional Metal Braces

For patients who are more concerned about function over style, traditional metal braces can be an ideal orthodontic treatment. Traditional metal braces have see many improvements since the early days and are now very effective at fixing complex misalignment issues, closing gaps and aligning teeth.

Correcting orthodontic issues with braces can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years, although there is often a noticeable difference within a relatively short period of time.

Throughout treatment with traditional metal braces, patients will face the inconvenience of having to attend frequent adjustment appointments, and removing a number of foods from their diet which could damage braces.

Many adult patients feel self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces.


Invisalign's clear aligners are almost completely invisible when worn, that means hardly anyone will notice that you are straightening your smile. Throughout your treatment you will even be able to enjoy your evolving smile while you continue to straighten your teeth.

With Invisalign, there is no need to give up any of the foods you love. Whether you are at the movies, or on a business lunch, just remove your aligners and store them in their handy case while you enjoy anything on the menu.

The clear, smooth Invisalign aligners also tend to be more comfortable than braces, because there are no brackets and wires to irritate delicate gums or cheeks.

Treatment times will vary based on the type and severity of the orthodontic issue however, the average duration of Invisalign treatment is about 6 -18 months. 

The shorter average treatment times for Invisalign are primarily a result of the fact that Invisalign is often used to treat less severe and less complex misalignment problems. Invisalign tends to be considered a more gentle and less invasive option.

The treatment you choose to straighten your teeth will depend largely on your personal preferences balanced with the severity and complexity of your orthodontic issue.

If you're ready to see what Invisalign® can do for your smile, contact a Straight Smile Centres member practice in Langley today. Our dentists can help you to achieve the smile you have been dreaming of.

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