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Talking with Invisalign

Talking with Invisalign

As with any orthodontic treatment, Invisalign patients will face a few challenges as they grow accustomed to their appliances. Here are some tips for getting used to talking with Invisalign.

Some patients experience minor speech problems during the first week or two of treatment, as they get used to their new Invisalign aligners. You may find that you speak with a slight lisp at first, or that you have trouble enunciating words.

This is a normal part of treatment, but it can be really annoying! To help you get through this phase a little faster, here are a few tips for talking with Invisalign.


Practice speaking with correct pronunciation privately. Make an effort to over-enunciate, and focus on the letters you find most difficult, such as S’s, T’s, D’s and C’s.

Read Aloud

When you read, try reading aloud. Repeat passages that you find especially tricky.

Record Yourself

Use a handheld recorder or your phone to record your practice sessions. This will allow you to better pinpoint the sounds, words and phrases you have difficulty with.

Speak Slowly

Take your time when you talk, and speak at a slow, relaxed pace.

Stand Up Straight

Maintaining good posture allows for proper larynx (voice box) airflow, making talking easier.

These tips should get you back to talking like you normally do in no time.

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